Photography Challenge Week 18 – Round

It’s time again for my weekly photography self-challenge. This week’s theme is round. It was a bit easier compared to some of the other themes that I’ve been tackling lately. I don’t know if that means I was able to achieve better pictures, as easier is not the same thing as better. Anyhow, here are some round themed pictures.


This first picture is probably really simple, but I liked in for a couple of different reasons. The first is that it reminds me of the friends who gave our son the ball. It’s funny how something as simple as friends giving you a ball can stick with you over the years. The seconds it the round ball having circles as well. It just goes well with a round theme.

RoundThis picture is a close up of one of my speakers. I wasn’t quite able to get as close as I was hoping, but I still kind of like it.

So those are the pictures for this week. Next week’s theme is Green, so it looks like we’ll have another color themed week. See you next week to see what kind of pictures I’ll wind up with.