The First Steps to Kindergarten

It always amazes me how quickly time seems to go. It doesn’t seem like it has been over a year since we were getting paperwork ready to enroll Ryan in preschool. Yet, yesterday I took him in to do his Kindergarten screening and we’re fully into the preparing for Kindergarten phase of life. It’s just kind of strange feeling.

Ryan’s year of preschool felt like it went so fast. Regardless of those feelings we’re now in the last month of preschool and preparing for the summer before he goes to the elementary school. It won’t surprise me to find that the summer flies by either, considering weekends are filling up fast with family events and other random activities.

In some ways maybe Kindergarten is coming a bit quicker for us than for others. Ryan doesn’t turn 5 until less than a month before the school year starts, but it’s clear that he’s ready for school. He’s already bored at times with the work in preschool. So while some might wait another year before putting him into school proper, that doesn’t really feel like the best option for us. So no matter how quick it may be coming, it seems the best path.

As of right now the transition to Kindergarten doesn’t seem too daunting. It’s going to be a little more involved than preschool since he’ll be gone every day, but at the same time it feels like a rather natural progression. Time will tell if I still feel this way come fall.

There is part of me actually looking forward to it because it seems like it will be a bit more congruent than preschool was. There were kids from our preschool from at least three different school districts, if not more, and after this year who knows if they’ll really see each other or interact again? Going to kindergarten will be the start of schooling that largely keeps the same group of kids together, barring moves and such things as that.

I’m sure time will continue to move fast. In a little over a year Anastasia will be able to go to preschool. They will keep growing and meeting new milestones. Time won’t get any slower. I guess the only thing we can do is enjoy the time while we have it. Right now we’re involved in the first steps towards kindergarten, but soon it will be the first steps to something else.