Handing Down Interests

I have been interested in photography for awhile. I remember enjoying taking pictures during the big 6th grade field trip to Pittsburgh that our school always took. I don’t think it was my first time taking pictures, but I do think it was my first time getting to take a camera on my own without my parents around. Even though it may have just been a disposable one.

In late high school and college I also enjoyed taking pictures. I bought my first digital camera while in college. It was just a small point and shoot, but it was amazing to me. Especially when I compared it to having to deal with and develop film. Over the years I would occasionally upgrade my point and shoot camera, but not super often.

A couple of years ago I made a more significant upgrade and we bought a DSLR camera. I really enjoyed this upgrade even though it was a pretty intimidating jump. I learned how to use my camera and take pictures without relying on auto mode. Due to these developments photography has turned into a greater interest of mine over the years. I’m doing a photography challenge that forces me to try to take pictures of things I may not normally look for and also just taking more pictures of family and trips that I used to.

This interest in photography has been noticed by both of my kids I think, but particularly my son Ryan. He would try to help me find things for my theme of the week and occasionally pick some of the pictures out of the options for a given week. He always seemed to have fun and was interested in knowing how to use my camera.

It was after he asked about this that we thought about getting him a camera of his own to use. We had originally thought of purchasing a camera geared towards kids for his birthday later this year. I was cleaning out my desk one day though, and ran into the point and shoot camera that I had used before upgrading to a DSLR. It was already pretty outdated, but I thought that it might be a great camera for him to try to use.

We gave it to him a couple of weeks ago and he has really taken to the idea of taking his own pictures. He’s taken over two hundred pictures in those two weeks. He’ll try to take pictures of things that I take pictures of, he takes pictures of his toys, us, and anything else that he decides. While some of the pictures are a little blurry or have fingers in them, some have actually been pretty good considering. The following are all pictures that he took.

IMG_0034 IMG_0121 IMG_0316It’s just been fun to see him take to it, and it just makes me wonder if it will be something he continues to pursue or not. Even if he doesn’t keep with it, I’ve still enjoyed seeing him happily taking pictures of the world around him. I wonder how much he enjoys it just because it is something that I enjoy? I have little doubt that is why he is so interested in it, but I guess I’ll just have to see if he keeps with it or not.