Photography Challenge Week 19 – Green

This week’s theme is green. When I set up my schedule I put green here because I figured that the world would finally be green by now, so if I couldn’t find much of anything else green I could at least take pictures of the new life that spring brings. I did venture outside to take some pictures of greenery, but also (with the help of the kids) found some green objects around the house to shoot as well.

GreenThe first picture is one that my kids helped with. It’s simply a green ball. Not too exciting, but it is green. Green-2Even though the focus wasn’t the best on the green portion of this picture, I really like it. I really like the way the light is hitting the new plant. I just thought it was cool, even if the focus wasn’t entirely the best.
Green-3The last picture is of a few of the hostas that we have around here. We have a ton of them around here, so I figured I’d take a picture of some that aren’t quite as crowded as some of the others we have around here.

So there are the pictures for my green theme. Next week’s theme is morning, which means I’ll have to wake up and shoot a bit more than I usually do. We’ll see what I can come up with. See you next week.

Photography Challenge Week 18 – Round

It’s time again for my weekly photography self-challenge. This week’s theme is round. It was a bit easier compared to some of the other themes that I’ve been tackling lately. I don’t know if that means I was able to achieve better pictures, as easier is not the same thing as better. Anyhow, here are some round themed pictures.


This first picture is probably really simple, but I liked in for a couple of different reasons. The first is that it reminds me of the friends who gave our son the ball. It’s funny how something as simple as friends giving you a ball can stick with you over the years. The seconds it the round ball having circles as well. It just goes well with a round theme.

RoundThis picture is a close up of one of my speakers. I wasn’t quite able to get as close as I was hoping, but I still kind of like it.

So those are the pictures for this week. Next week’s theme is Green, so it looks like we’ll have another color themed week. See you next week to see what kind of pictures I’ll wind up with.

Photography Challenge Week 17 – Something Tiny

This week’s theme is something tiny. While tiny may be a bit of an overstatement, the idea was to focus on taking pictures of small things. My thought was to try to get as close as I could get to some smaller objects and see how they’d turn out.

At first I didn’t really get as close as I would have liked. As is shown with this picture.

Something TinyI still like this picture, but then I remembered that I had some macro filters that I bought awhile ago for situations like this. So I decided to try them out and see if they made a difference. Sad thing was I couldn’t get my penny to stand up again though.

Something Tiny-2Even though I was closer, I didn’t really like this picture as much as a my first one. I definitely did get closer to the penny though. Which was what I was going for. After the penny I decided to try it out on something even smaller, a Cheerio, since well it’s a well loved snack around here.

Something TinyI was able to get a decently close picture here, so I was fairly happy. It maybe wasn’t the absolute best, but I think it still achieved the goal I was going for this week.

So here were some of the small things I found to take pictures of. Next week the theme will be round. So come expecting to see some round things next week. See you then.

Photography Challenge Week 15 – Hands

This week was somewhat challenging to pull off. I found hands to be a difficult subject to pull off. It is hard to take a picture of your own hands, while taking pictures of Ryan’s and Anastasia’s hands turned out to be difficult in getting them to keep still for a decent shot. At the end of it all I feel like I wound up with a couple decent shots, but it was definitely not the easiest week.

Here they are:

Hands Hands-2Those are the ones I took for this week. Next week’s theme is something tiny. That should be interesting. See you next week for some new pictures.

Photography Challenge Week 15 – Textures

When I read that this week was textures, I was a little worried. I believe I remember that I added this one at the start as a challenge to take pictures of things from a closer perspective. I actually enjoyed doing this, and feel that I wound up with some decent pictures. Here’s what I shot this week.

TexturesThis first picture is a close up of a cape that my wife made for our daughter out of a shiny silky material. While not too exciting it does show some of the texture of the fabric, so was actually a bit more interesting than I expected.

Textures-4This picture was a close up of a fuzzy bunny Easter basket. It didn’t maybe turn out quite as nice as I had hoped, but I think you can see the fuzzy/furry texture going on here.

Textures-3This last picture was my favorite and showed the texture of the leaf of one of our plants. I thought it turned out to be a pretty cool picture, and was my favorite of the three.

So those were the results from my week of texture pictures. Next week I’ll be working on hands. I guess we’ll see what I can come up with for that. See you next week!

Photography Challenge Week 14 – Blue

This week’s theme is another one that focuses on a particular color. The color this time is Blue. Colors always give you so many options of what to pick. Like I did with the last color I had my son help me find some blue things around to take pictures of. Due to this most of the pictures are things that had some significance to him. Although I do have one that isn’t here as well.

First picture is the little stuffed monkey blanket that Ryan has had since he was born. He has loved this little thing. While it may not look as blue as it used to, I had to include this one.

Blue-3The second picture is a stuffed bear he received before Anastasia was born. It’s his big brother bear. BlueThe last picture is a blue sky that we had here a week or two ago. I would have been out of luck to get blue skies this week though since we’ve been awfully cloudy and rainy around here this week.March SkyAnyhow that’s what I have for this week. Next week’s theme is texture. Ha, well that should be interesting. Maybe? I’m not really sure I guess we’ll see next week.

Photography Challenge Week 13 – Food

I didn’t do a very good job planning our menu this week. I knew that I was going to try to have food be the theme this week, but then I didn’t do a very good job at planning out food to take photographs of. I also might have missed an opportunity one night too. I did get at least one picture for the week so it’s not a complete failure.

The one picture I got was of a recipe that is one of our favorites. It’s a chicken curry with sweet potatoes, chick peas, and peas. Unfortunately that’s the only picture I had for the week though.

Chicken CurryI think I’m done with posting what the next few weeks will be unless somebody really wants me to continue doing so. I’ll simply say that next week’s theme will be. For next week I’ll be looking for things that are blue. So we’ll see what kind of blue items I can take pictures of.

See you next week.

Photography Challenge Week 12 – Letters

This week my theme was letters. I think when I choose this one for my challenge I was thinking primarily of the magnetic letters that we had on our fridge. I did get a picture of those, but I wanted to find something else with fun letters and went searching. So here are my pictures from this week.

Letters Letters-2So there are some letter pictures for this week. Here’s the next few weeks:

Mar 26-Apr 2: Food
Apr 2-9: Blue
Apr 9-16: Texture
Apr 16-23: Hands

So it looks like food is next week’s theme. I guess we’ll have to try to have some interesting food to take shots of. We’ll see what happens. See you next week for more pictures.

Photography Challenge Week 4 – Toys

When you have kids toys become one of the realities of life. Since we have two kids, this reality is very much part of our lives. So I decided to a few pictures of some of toys our kids have. It seemed like it would be a fairly easy, but fun theme to tackle since we have no shortage of toys around here.

Ryan has been into Superheros for quite sometime and has recently been interested in Legos so I decided to have my pictures of his toys be along those lines.

Ryan LegosRyan Legos-2

Anastasia on the other hand has really been into Minnie Mouse so I focused in on some of her Minnie Mouse toys.

Anastasia MinnieAnastasia Minnie-2

So there are a few shots of their current interests in toys. Could have easily taken many more pictures of toys, but didn’t want to go overboard.

Next week’s challenge will be breakfast. So I’ll see if we can have something tasty for breakfast at least one day to get a picture of something more than cereal. Here’s the schedule for the next four weeks as usual:

Jan 29-Feb 5: Breakfast
Feb 5-12: White
Feb 12-19: Technology

Feb 19-26: Hats

We’ll see you here next week for some shots of breakfast.


Photography Challenge Week 3 – Candy

We have quite a sweet tooth around this household, and we usually have some kind of sweet treats around. This is why I decided that one of my weeks would be taking some shots of some candy. We had more than just one kind lying around so I took some pictures of two types.

First, some Hershey Cookies & Mint Nuggets. I tried a couple different points to focus in on. I’m not really sure which I like better.

Mint Chocolate NuggetsMint Chocolate Nuggets-2 After that I took a couple pictures of a nice colorful candy, M&M’s. The second picture is probably the favorite of all the ones I took.

M&Ms M&Ms-2So that’s it for my challenge on candy. Next week the theme is toys, which with two kids we’ve got plenty of. Beyond that I’ll just put of the next few weeks if anyone wants to tackle them too.

Jan 22-29: Toy
Jan 29-Feb 5: Breakfast

Feb 5-12: White
Feb 12-19: Technology

So those are the next few weeks. We’ll see you next week for some pictures of some toys. We’ll see how they turn out.