My Favorite Blogs

I figured I’d stick a few of my favorite blogs here. Just because they’re my favorite doesn’t mean I always agree with everything there. Actually sometimes that disagreement may be exactly why it is my one of my favorites. It causes me to think about issues from a perspective that is not mine. I give you my list and a few reasons why I like the blog mentioned. Expect the list to change over time as well as blogs come and go.

  • The Actual Pastor – I have to be honest this is probably my favorite blog right now. Steve Wiens blog The Actual Pastor is about being real, honest, and focusing on the way things actually are instead of the “ideal.” It’s hard to explain why I like his blog so much. It’s because it actually seems real. He talks about real life, his own shortcomings, and about how God is in the midst of all that. He isn’t preachy, doesn’t throw a lot of verses at you, and it’s just really thoughtful and thought provoking stuff. He may not be your cup of tea of you are one who doesn’t like anything Christian without a list of Bible verses, but to me he’s very enjoyable to read.
  • Storyline Blog – Storyline blog used to be Donald Miller’s personal blog that morphed into Storyline. As can be deduced pretty easily, Storyline has to do with people’s stories. Admittedly, story is something that is the current cool thing to be about, but I still like Storyline. This isn’t the place to find theology or high intellectualism, but it is a place where people are sharing their questions and what they’re learning from their lives while following God. While a common complaint is that you don’t know where Miller comes down on certain issues, it doesn’t really stop me from enjoying what he and the other authors there say.
  • Internet Monk – This is probably the most eclectic blog I’m currently visiting. It’s prepared by a number of different people who all come from different perspectives, although most of them do flow out of a post-evangelical background, after all the tag line is “dispatches from the post-evangelical wilderness.” You’ll find Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant writers here and to me that’s just pretty cool. They take on some interesting topics here, and while I don’t always know if I agree with the conclusions or thoughts presented, they typically give me a different way to look at a certain issue or perhaps make me think about something I never really pondered before. Probably not a blog that everyone would enjoy, but if you’re interested in the various Christian traditions, a bit of church history, and quirky sense of humor than give it a look.
  • Rachel Held Evans – This may be a controversial choice, but if I’m completely honest it was reading this blog that led me to many of the blogs that I read today and an increased commitment to my own blog. She’s someone who seems to have no fear about bringing her doubts and questions to the parts of the church world that frowns on this. Even if I’m not always on board with where she goes with her topics,  or how she goes about them, she has important things to say and to ignore her or brush her aside would be very detrimental.
  • From One Degree to Another – I’ve only been reading Nate Pyle’s blog From One Degree to Another for a few months (at least as of this writing), however I’ve been very impressed from what I’ve read. He comes from a Reformed point of view, which seems to be popular to be against in certain circles. I understand why some are critical of the Reformed circles, they can appear to be arrogant know-it-alls that belittle or judge anyone who doesn’t agree. I don’t know if that is an entirely fair picture, but there are those like that, however Nate’s blog is most assuredly not that way.
  • The Church of No People – Imagine you were a pastor and instead of telling people things they might not want to hear from the pulpit you write about it on a blog. That seems to be the concept behind Matt Appling’s blog The Church of No People. I’ve enjoyed hearing his insights both about faith, but also about creativity since he is also an art teacher with a history in graphic design. After having a few months of enjoying a number of thing he wrote, I’ve decided to add him to this list.

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