If someone were to make a blog about your life, what would be on the pages? If your thoughts were turned into a blog post what would it say? In some ways this is what my blog is about. This wasn’t any sort of intentional focus of my blog. It is more me blogging about my life, my thoughts, and what interests me. It lacks a specific focus that many other blogs seem to have. So who am I and what will you find here? I’m not big on labels, but I will lay out what you will find here by listing out some labels I am comfortable identifying with, roles I fulfill, and interests I have.

Human Being:

You may laugh that I put this here, but it seems that the obvious is what is most often overlooked. I am a human or a person. Due to this fact I’ll be posting my thoughts, opinions, dreams, goals, and just random things here that you may or may not care about. I may care about what I put here to varying degrees, but they will be part of me. One post will never be all of who I am, in fact all the posts here will probably never amount to all of who I am. Just keep that in mind.


I am a Christian. I realize that this is a loaded word. For some it may evoke negative reactions and for others positive. For those like myself it may be a mix of these two things. Regardless of the mess of humanity that calls itself Christian, I find no good option other than to call myself one too. I don’t want to go into every detail of what I believe, but if you would look up the Nicene Creed my basic beliefs would be summed up there.

I also suppose that here would be where to tell you that my focus in undergraduate and graduate school was my faith. Meaning I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Christian Ministry and have my Master of Divinity. So given this you’ll see thoughts here about faith, both in the everyday sense, but also in the abstract “theological” sense.


I have been married to my wife, Kristen, for almost 8 years at the time of this writing. We were married when she was 21 and I was 22, when we were both still considered too young to get married by some. Then according to others we’re still in our honeymoon phase. I’m not sure how all that works, but I know that this is one of the biggest commitments you can make in life, if you take it seriously. No matter how great the one you marry is, it will be difficult, and it won’t always be romantic (in fact it seems it rarely is, especially once kids get in the picture). So given this, my relationship with my wife will be found here as well.


I’m a stay at home father right now. We have two kids, Ryan is three and Anastasia is 7 months (as of this writing). I didn’t originally plan to be a stay at home father, I had planned to be a pastor or be involved with some ministry somewhere, but things kind of came up empty on that front, so I’m at home with the kids. If you think the relationship with your wife takes commitment, having children is on an even higher level of commitment. Being responsible for those who can’t take care of themselves and watching as they grow up in front of you is an amazing and amazingly difficult journey. So you’ll find the struggles of being a parent, especially a stay at home parent, here as well.

Media Lover:

As with most modern people I read books, watch television/movies, listen to music, and play video games. So here will be a place where I will talk about themes I find in movies, video games, or books that impact me and get me thinking. They may be themes that intersect with faith, but I don’t think they would have to be. If you’re interested in seeing what I’m watching/reading/playing here are some social sites that I keep updated, so feel free to add me.

Anime: Anime-Planet

Books: Goodreads

Movies: Criticker

Video Games: Grouvee

Photography Hobbyist:

I also picked up an interest in photography the past year. So you’ll maybe see some posts about photography and maybe if I ever get brave enough I may post some photographs here to show where I am in the process. I am so very much a beginner still, so I feel there is about 100x more to learn than what I already know.

These are most of the ones I can think of now, if I think of any other interests or descriptors of what you’ll see here I’ll add them later. So welcome and hope you’ll enjoy exploring around here.

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