Photography Challenge Week 17 – Something Tiny

This week’s theme is something tiny. While tiny may be a bit of an overstatement, the idea was to focus on taking pictures of small things. My thought was to try to get as close as I could get to some smaller objects and see how they’d turn out.

At first I didn’t really get as close as I would have liked. As is shown with this picture.

Something TinyI still like this picture, but then I remembered that I had some macro filters that I bought awhile ago for situations like this. So I decided to try them out and see if they made a difference. Sad thing was I couldn’t get my penny to stand up again though.

Something Tiny-2Even though I was closer, I didn’t really like this picture as much as a my first one. I definitely did get closer to the penny though. Which was what I was going for. After the penny I decided to try it out on something even smaller, a Cheerio, since well it’s a well loved snack around here.

Something TinyI was able to get a decently close picture here, so I was fairly happy. It maybe wasn’t the absolute best, but I think it still achieved the goal I was going for this week.

So here were some of the small things I found to take pictures of. Next week the theme will be round. So come expecting to see some round things next week. See you then.


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