Photography Challenge Week 14 – Blue

This week’s theme is another one that focuses on a particular color. The color this time is Blue. Colors always give you so many options of what to pick. Like I did with the last color I had my son help me find some blue things around to take pictures of. Due to this most of the pictures are things that had some significance to him. Although I do have one that isn’t here as well.

First picture is the little stuffed monkey blanket that Ryan has had since he was born. He has loved this little thing. While it may not look as blue as it used to, I had to include this one.

Blue-3The second picture is a stuffed bear he received before Anastasia was born. It’s his big brother bear. BlueThe last picture is a blue sky that we had here a week or two ago. I would have been out of luck to get blue skies this week though since we’ve been awfully cloudy and rainy around here this week.March SkyAnyhow that’s what I have for this week. Next week’s theme is texture. Ha, well that should be interesting. Maybe? I’m not really sure I guess we’ll see next week.


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