Photography Challenge Week 10 – Grey

In setting up my photography challenge, I’ve tried to place a different color for each month. This month’s color is grey. This week I had the kids help me find grey objects around the house to take pictures of and they even picked one picture each to post for this week’s challenge. So let’s get to the pictures.

We’ll start with the one that I picked. My pick was one of the necklaces that my wife has. It is a very dark grey, and almost looks black, but I thought it worked well.

Gray ChallengeRyan decided to choose the picture of his Lego Dr. Octopus. His arms are grey, even if the rest of him isn’t so much.

Gray Challenge-3Anastasia picked this picture of one of our bedroom pillows. I was actually kind of surprised she picked this one, and it was going to be my pick had she not picked it.

Gray Challenge-2So that’s it for the grey theme this week. Here’s the next four weeks:

Mar 12-19: Eyes
Mar 19-26: Letters
Mar 26-Apr 2: Food

Apr 2-9: Blue

So next week we’ll be on eyes. We’ll see how that goes. Until then take care, see you next week for more pictures.


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