Photography Challenge Week 9 – Animals

Looking back on setting this challenge up for myself, I’m not really sure why I put animals in the month of March. Maybe I thought it would be starting to warm up (which it kind of is), but since we still have a decent amount of snow animals are not exactly abundant. So I’m going to do two different pictures. One that I took last year of real live animals, and one that I took this week of the stuffed variety.

So let’s start with a picture that I took last year in weather that didn’t have everything frozen and cold.

2014 Spillway Trip-11Then we’ll move to the animals that aren’t quite as real, but are pretty cute anyways.

Little Pup, Biscuit, and Mittens

So yeah we’ve got real animals and fake here, but that’s what I’m putting out here this week. Here’s the schedule for the next few weeks.

Mar 5-12: Grey
Mar 12-19: Eyes
Mar 19-26: Letters

Mar 26-Apr 2: Food

It looks like my theme for the next week will be grey or gray depending on your preference. See you back here next week.


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