Photography Challenge Week 8 – Hats

I’m not really a big hat wearer. I knew that winter would be a time of wearing hats whether you liked to or not, so I decided that one of the weeks of my photography challenge would be hats. With the help of some up and coming hat models, I present you with some hat pictures.

First some winter hats.

Hats Hats-2

Then I had a picture of a different hat, I wish that it had turned out a bit better, but the model was getting a little wiggly.


Hats maybe aren’t the most exciting of topics, but there you have it. Here’s the schedule for the next few weeks:

Feb 26-Mar 5: Animal
Mar 5-12: Grey
Mar 12-19: Eyes
Mar 19-26: Letters

It’s looking like animals will be next weeks focus. We’ll see if I can get some actual animals, or whether we’ll have to settle for the stuffed variety. See you next week.


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