Photography Challenge Week 7 – Technology

Technology is a rather broad topic. I didn’t really realize this until I was trying to take a picture of technology. I think it is easy for our minds to jump to modern technology like tablets, cell phones, and things like that. However, as I was thinking about technology I was thinking about how many things could be considered technology. So the two pictures I took for this week tried to represent both technology that is more established and ones that are more recent.

So let’s start with a more established technology, although this version is a bit of a update to the older technology.

Technology Theme-2Then we’ll move on to the more modern side of things.

Technology ThemeI thought the lightbulb photo turned out a lot better than the tablet and phone picture. As always here’s what the next few weeks will hold.

Feb 19-26: Hats
Feb 26-Mar 5: Animal
Mar 5-12: Grey

Mar 12-19: Eyes

So we’ll see you back here next week for some hat pictures. See you then.


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