Photography Challenge Week 6 – White

With a theme like white in February it should come as no surprise that snow will be represented. However, I didn’t want to entirely take the easy way out so I do have another item that contains some white. I must say, it was a bit more difficult than I thought to find something interesting to take a picture of that was white.

We’ll get the unsurprising photo out of the way, a picture involving snow.

Snow February 2015

The other picture is a figure that was given to us around the time Ryan was born. It’s a bit more of an off-white, but I figured that was close enough.

White Challenge

Those are my white pictures for the week. Next week’s theme is technology. So we’ll see what I can come up with for that theme. If you want to know what’s beyond that here is what my next four weeks look like.

Feb 12-19: Technology
Feb 19-26: Hats
Feb 26-Mar 5: Animal

Mar 5-12: Grey

That’s all for white this week. We’ll see you next week for some technology.


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