Photography Challenge Week 4 – Toys

When you have kids toys become one of the realities of life. Since we have two kids, this reality is very much part of our lives. So I decided to a few pictures of some of toys our kids have. It seemed like it would be a fairly easy, but fun theme to tackle since we have no shortage of toys around here.

Ryan has been into Superheros for quite sometime and has recently been interested in Legos so I decided to have my pictures of his toys be along those lines.

Ryan LegosRyan Legos-2

Anastasia on the other hand has really been into Minnie Mouse so I focused in on some of her Minnie Mouse toys.

Anastasia MinnieAnastasia Minnie-2

So there are a few shots of their current interests in toys. Could have easily taken many more pictures of toys, but didn’t want to go overboard.

Next week’s challenge will be breakfast. So I’ll see if we can have something tasty for breakfast at least one day to get a picture of something more than cereal. Here’s the schedule for the next four weeks as usual:

Jan 29-Feb 5: Breakfast
Feb 5-12: White
Feb 12-19: Technology

Feb 19-26: Hats

We’ll see you here next week for some shots of breakfast.



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