Photography Challenge Week 3 – Candy

We have quite a sweet tooth around this household, and we usually have some kind of sweet treats around. This is why I decided that one of my weeks would be taking some shots of some candy. We had more than just one kind lying around so I took some pictures of two types.

First, some Hershey Cookies & Mint Nuggets. I tried a couple different points to focus in on. I’m not really sure which I like better.

Mint Chocolate NuggetsMint Chocolate Nuggets-2 After that I took a couple pictures of a nice colorful candy, M&M’s. The second picture is probably the favorite of all the ones I took.

M&Ms M&Ms-2So that’s it for my challenge on candy. Next week the theme is toys, which with two kids we’ve got plenty of. Beyond that I’ll just put of the next few weeks if anyone wants to tackle them too.

Jan 22-29: Toy
Jan 29-Feb 5: Breakfast

Feb 5-12: White
Feb 12-19: Technology

So those are the next few weeks. We’ll see you next week for some pictures of some toys. We’ll see how they turn out.


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