When Life Returns to Ordinary

The presents are unwrapped and likely strewn over your house waiting for a place to call their own. The trees, lights, and decorations are down or slated to be down as soon as you get to it. Kids and adults are going back to school and work for a full week.

I don’t really remember being tired out by the holidays as much as I have been this year. The death of my grandmother a couple days after Thanksgiving and the sorrow that comes from past memories and desires for a different present. The first year of having a child in school, having a Christmas party to prepare for, and having a holiday break. The seemingly constant illness that at least one person in the household has had this past year.

Don’t read that as bemoaning the celebrating of the holidays. Actually despite all the things going on, it wound up being a rather enjoyable Christmas. Ryan was anticipating Christmas for the first time, which made him rather excited about opening presents and he loved pretty much every moment of it. Both Anastasia and Ryan were also very excited about giving presents, which in some ways is even more exciting.

So while the holidays have been tiring they were mostly good, despite everything else going on. However, I still find myself glad that they’re over. That we can get back into the normal rhythms and schedules of life. The kids in particular seemed to deteriorate as the odd schedules ruled. I’d say it was a good three days after Christmas before they fully recovered from all the festivities.

I even feel glad to be back into the normal routine of things. When the schedule is all jumbled it seems like I never really get done what I intend to. I get busy with trying to get groceries after the latest holiday, dealing with kids, or trying fight off sickness and fatigue from doing these things. It just throws everything off a bit.

However, today marks the beginning of a return to normal. I am looking forward to it. While it is enjoyable to stop and celebrate and have the schedules full of expectation and events, it is also enjoyable to live in the regular rhythms of life. Having just been through the time of celebration, events, and being busy; I’m very ready for the regular.



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