Top Posts of 2014

Anyone who has tried their hand at a blog probably knows the dreaded curse of looking at your stats. Even if you aren’t really writing a blog to be popular or become the next big thing, there is something about knowing that other people are reading what you’ve written that makes you feel happy. So it’s always interesting, either in good or bad ways, to see what posts were the most popular over the past year. I won’t include my home page, since well it blew everything out of the water, but here are the top posts, some honorable mentions, and some that I wish made it a bit higher.

Top 10 Posts of 2014

  1. My Favorite Couples (Television and Video Games)
  2. Final Thoughts on Out of the Depths: The Psalms Speak to Us Today
  3. A Faith With Doubt is Deeper Than a Faith Without
  4. Final Thoughts on Sly 2: Band of Thieves
  5. My Favorite Couples (Books and Movies)
  6. Final Thoughts on The Lego Movie
  7. A Short Break
  8. What I’ve Learned From the First Year of Home Ownership
  9. Final Thoughts on Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage in the Bible
  10. Remembering to Be Thankful

It appears that my “Final Thoughts” on movies, games, and books can be very popular although some of them wound up with very few views too. I don’t know exactly what made these ones more popular than others.

Really though this whole list is a mix of different things. Which I guess makes sense since my blog is pretty much that. My little lists on some of my favorite couples seemed pretty popular. One thing for sure is that my posts going through the book of Genesis have not been very popular besides “A Faith With Doubt is Deeper Than a Faith Without”. One other came close to cracking the top ten, but that’s all.

Honorable Mentions and Personal Favorites

Some posts that came close to breaking into the top ten that I felt like I should mention were:

My last few links here will be of some of my favorite posts of the past year that just didn’t get much of any love. Maybe they weren’t really that good, but I enjoyed writing them.

So there we have it. The posts with the most traffic, some other ones that made it close to the top ten and I felt were worthy of a mention, and a few posts that I wished were a bit more popular than they were. Of course none of these posts were viral or popular when compared to other more well known blogs. I still enjoyed writing them all and glad that there are at least some out there that take the time to read them.



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