Final Thoughts on Galaga Legions DX

There is a trend in many areas of media to reboot or remake certain games, movies, or television shows. This can be done by trying to make a faithful remake only with updated graphics and special effects or it can be done by changing various things about it like tone, details of story, or whatever other aspects those in charge want to change. The game I’ll be looking at today is what I would call a remake with a bit of twist to its gameplay, that game being Galaga Legions DX for the Playstation 3. This game is a remake or “sequel” to the Galaga series of games which originated over thirty years ago.

Galaga Legions DXStory

Story here is non-existent. You control a spaceship that shoots alien bug type things. Why? You don’t really know. You just do because they’re trying to kill you and you get points for it.


Galaga Legions DX is a twin stick shooter, so that means that a lot of the game is about pointing your guns and shooting  whatever is in that direction. While you try to shoot the various insect bugs you’re also trying to avoid them and anything they shoot your way. Now I’m not that familiar with the older versions of Galaga, but I do think that they tended to start you off at level one and your goal was to see how far you made it as the levels proceeded to get more and more difficult.

Galaga Legions DX does things a bit different and is breaks the game down into ten areas broken into five levels each. Each level has a set number of waves for you to complete, but they also have a time limit as well. So the goal is to try to finish each wave as fast as possible. Each wave gives you the path the enemies will take for that wave and then proceed to send a massive amount of enemies on the screen for you to take out as fast as you can.


Is kill everything as fast as you can a theme? A game with absolutely no story has a hard time producing many themes. This is just a straightforward arcade shooter.


  • No Long Hauls – One of the bad things about the play until you die style of games is that as you get better at the game the amount of time commitment to the game continues to grow. The way Galaga Legions DX handles it allows you to play a fun quick game and try to achieve a new personal best or best a friend’s time.


  • The Modern Take is a Bit ADD – This game is just kind of all over the place. Lines are going all over the place, enemies are entering the screen and getting blown up, lights are flashing all over the place. It can be a bit much for those who are sensitive to such things. This can also be kind of cool as there is pretty much always something going on, but it really depends on what you can handle. I don’t have a problem with games like this, my wife on the other hand gets overstimulated pretty fast.


  • Limited Options – Compared to other twin stick shooters out there I just felt that Galaga Legions DX just didn’t have that many options. The different levels weren’t that different from each other, you didn’t have any ship customization options, there wasn’t even an ability to play local co-op. It was pretty much only about the quick level playing experience, which I just found lacking after awhile.

Overall Impressions

To be honest I wasn’t super impressed with Galaga Legions DX. Maybe this is partly due to the fact that I’m not that knowledgeable about the Galaga series in the first place, but it just didn’t really impress me. I was able to have fun with it, but I would say that there are other shooters available that had more depth and weren’t quite so bright and flashy.

It’s a good game for those who want to play a nice quick game and not get sucked into a never ending mode that only ends after you die. If you’re wanting more than that, it is lacking. It’s fun, but it just has a very limited scope.

So would I recommend it? I don’t really know. As I’ve said it is fun, but it doesn’t have much substance. I kind of want to lean towards a no, I wouldn’t recommend it, but it’s really a close call.


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