The Battlefield of Schooling Options

I’ve always known that there are options of where to send your kids for school. Between Kristen and I we’ve pretty much hit all of the options. Kristen has been home-schooled and went to a private Christian school and well, I’m not so interesting as I only did the whole public education thing. I’ve also met and been friends with other Christians who have run the gamut either in their own education backgrounds or in the options that they are pursuing for their kids.

What I haven’t been prepared for is how heated some people get in their opinion about what the “right” way to educate your children is. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised since any opinion, no matter how minor, can get heated pretty easily, and I think most of us agree that the education of our children isn’t a very minor detail. Not that everyone takes this kind of defensive or offensive posture with their decisions on this matter, but some certainly do.

Maybe it’s just that I don’t understand what all the fighting is over. I don’t like how some positions are the “Christian” position and others are the “worldly” position. I don’t think things are that simple at all. For those of us like me who are trying to weigh their options and figure out what they want to do with it all, it is very discouraging to find someone questioning your faith simply because you chose a path they don’t agree with. Sadly, it also reflects poorly on the choice you’re presenting like it or not.

To me there are positives and negatives to each path you may want to take. That’s certainly how I view it as Kristen and I have tried to figure out how best to proceed. There is no perfect way, and I’m a bit suspect of anyone selling a particular way as such. I’m even more suspect when people decide to toss others to the lions simply because they didn’t make the same choice they’ve made.

We’re wandering into this battlefield mainly because Ryan is not that far away from school age and we have to start thinking about it. This isn’t the only reason it’s been on my mind though. Another reason is that last weekend a couple of people posted a blog post about homeschooling on Facebook and it made me think about it even more. So between the two things I’ve been mulling over the various schooling options.

I originally thought to just stuff all three of the main options (public school, private school, and home-schooling) in this post and talk about it, but I don’t think that I’m going to do that. I’d either have a gigantic post or I’d try to cut off my thoughts too quick just to make it not go on forever.Instead I’m planning to make a little “series” out of it.

My thought is to give each of the options an entire post. Present the pros and cons (in my opinion), thoughts based on experiences, and other more general thoughts on each choice. It definitely won’t be comprehensive, it’s more just to get my thoughts out and try to find my way around the battlefield that this issue has become, at least for some people.



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