Good Riddance January

I’m so glad that we’ve made it to February. Not due to any great attachment to February, but rather because January just really stunk. It just wasn’t a very good month around this household.

The main reason is that we spent most of the month sick. We started the year just getting over a cold that we had picked up in between Christmas and New Year’s Eve. By the time January hit we were mostly over that one, but were still getting over it a little.

We had about a week or so that we were pretty healthy after that, but then the plague hit us hard. We picked up a bad bug from Kristen’s side of the family and it laid us all out pretty hard. Ryan and I were the first two victims, but Kristen wound up coming down with the bug too, pretty much as we were just getting over it. We’re finally all getting over that illness now. Ryan has been over it, Kristen is still somewhat sick, and I cough every so often, but that’s it.

Now you may say that at least our daughter didn’t get it, but she’s been having her own troubles. She wound up with a fairly nasty diaper rash. It’s finally getting better, but still isn’t completely gone.

Now being sick for a good portion of a month would be bad enough, but the weather was also not too fun either. Temperatures in January were mighty cold being down in the negatives and single digits fairly often, and even colder with wind chills. We have the “polar vortex” as well as what seemed to be “polar vortex part 2” to thank for this.

Now we all survived, nothing was life threatening or anything, but boy did it just make for a sick, tired, cold, miserable January. Sure some good things happened, our little girl turned one, for instance. Granted trying to plan parties in the midst of being sick and cold and sometimes snowy weather was a fun task, but everything turned out okay at the end of it.

So anyway, goodbye January 2014. I don’t think you were very kind to us and I’m kind of glad you are gone. So February let’s try to be a little better okay?

How about you? How did you January go? Were you happy to see it go or was it actually a pretty good month?



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