Wanderings of the Week 1/12/14

I don’t know about anyone else, but this has been a very strange winter so far where we live. As with many people we had the whole “polar vortex” thing come our way at the beginning of the week. It was so cold and windy and just brrrrrr… but then by the weekend we had temperatures in the 40s and maybe even hit 50. Today is in the 30s, but still it’s just been strange. This isn’t the first week of the winter that it’s been like this either, so as I said we’ve had a strange winter so far, and I wonder if that will change at all?

Maybe it’s just the strange weather, but life in general just seems strange at the moment. We’re all moved into our house, but we’re not fully unpacked. We’re not doing terrible, all things considered, but we’re just not completely put away. We’re mostly settled and yet not quite settled all at the same time. For some reason life just feels that way at the moment. Maybe it’s just always being tired from having two little kids to try to take care of. Maybe it is the fact that you always want to be able to do more than you have time for. I suppose it could just be the recovery from moving, Christmas, and New Years Eve being last month and really not having the time to recover quite as much as you like. I’m not sure what it is, but something just feels a bit off.

On the blog I didn’t do too much, I did post a final thoughts about a game that I had mixed feelings about. It’s one I didn’t really want to post knowing some of the reaction it could provide, but yet wanted to because well I’m human and everything and want to display that as much as possible and not just some fake perfection that’s really not attainable.

As for other blogs out there, well I’m not sure what happened this week. I thought there were other blogs that made me think, but either there weren’t that many or I forgot to mark off the ones that did and somehow wound up with only three blogs from the week. Regardless of the reasons here we go.

When Church is Like a Party by Ed Cyzewski at A Deeper Story

I’ve never really been involved with a party during a church service before. I don’t even really know what I would do with it if I saw one. However, I find this to be an interesting concept. I wonder sometimes if the Kingdom is always found in doing what we always do on a Sunday. Not that tradition or ritual is bad, but that it can replace the humanness of our faith. Where church is about pretending to be happy and keeping your kids as quiet as you can. Where it is about sitting and listening more than it is about interaction. Where real joy and real sorrow are seemingly acknowledged but pushed to the side so that they don’t get in the way. I’m not even saying that the idea of having church be like a party may not seem fake, because I totally think it could. However, as Ed relates I could also see it being something beautiful and a glimpse of something more.

Relational Repair for the “Difficult” by Jen Hatmaker

I’d imagine that anyone who is a parent has had moments where they just have a hard time enjoying one of their kids. They’re going through a stage where you’re clashing or they’re just grating on your nerves. I think Jen gives some decent ideas about how the focus needs to be less on changing the other person and working on changing our own attitudes. I think this works regardless of the person being “difficult” to us at the moment. Jen is also focusing more on personality differences rather than negative behaviors so these suggestions may have some limits when dealing with that, but in terms of personality clashes these may be helpful.

The Problem with Entitlement, Part 1 by Steve Wiens

Entitlement is one of those words that is all over the place. Steve is talking about it after realizing his own entitlement while being stuck in an airport during the “polar vortex” earlier this week. I’m not sure if I fully agree with all of his examples of what entitlement looks like, but I agree with enough of them to like the post. What really got my interest is the idea that trying to be anti-entitlement we can simply be entering a different form of entitlement. He ends it by looking for a way to change entitlement into gratefulness and uses the story of Paula D’Arcy. It’s kind of a challenging thing, to always be grateful.

Anyhow, those are the three that I’ve found interesting this past week. Any comments about these posts or anything else? Feel free to let me know in the comments.


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