Wanderings of the Week 1/5/14

So here we are the first weekend of 2014. I hope you all had a good turn of the year however you decide to celebrate. In many ways though the change of the year is but another day. It is a time that people often use to reflect on the past year and plan ahead for the upcoming year. The rest usually treat the event with indifference or scoff at those who use it as a time for reflection or looking ahead.

With my post last week looking back at 2013 and with my post this week setting goals for 2014 I guess you know what kind I am at this point. However, many blogs out there did some combination of reflecting on the past year and setting goals for 2014. It was interesting to see what various people put out there during this time, but I refrained from placing any of these types of posts in my wanderings this week. Despite my omission of these types of posts, here are a few interesting posts from the past week.

The Greatest Impact You Have May Come Out of Your Pain by Donald Miller

I’ve heard it said that our pain sometimes allows for us to be able to help or minister to others when they go through similar pain. Donald Miller reflects on this theme, but I think reflects on an important part. Just because we’ve been hurt or gone through painful times doesn’t mean that we’ll be able to minister to others due to it. It takes getting through the bitterness of this pain, forgiving those who caused the pain and moving on. I’ve not experienced pain like growing up without a father or even the apartheid that Miller uses as an example with Desmond Tutu, but I think that this is true.

Scripture as Witness to the Word of God by Brian Zahnd

This was a very interesting read. It is laying out what Scripture is and isn’t and how the Bible no matter how important is different than Jesus. Basically as the title states that the Bible is witness to Jesus (The Word of God) and not God. I think Brian rightly indicates that these are confused sometimes. While I maybe don’t share all of his conclusions like non-violence and the Bible, I found this a very interesting read.

Who Will You Grow Old With? Not Just a Question About Marriage by Scott Emery at Missio Alliance

This post isn’t really deep or theological in nature, but it asks the simple yet difficult question of who will grow old with us? Who are the friends that we’ll have lasting connections with as we age. Will we have these connections in our generation because everything is viewed merely as a stepping stone to something bigger and better? It’s a good question to reflect on, and I know I certainly don’t know the answers as of right now.

So those are the posts I particularly found interesting for the week. Any posts that you found out there you want to share? Feel free to leave any in the comments.


2 thoughts on “Wanderings of the Week 1/5/14

    • You’re welcome. I imagine it would be a bit humbling if I ever saw my name alongside their names, but I go for what makes me think and you did that. Thanks for stopping by.

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