Wanderings of the Week 11/10/13

Another busy week in the books. Monday started off with getting our home inspection for our new house. It took a couple hours, and honestly you just didn’t quite know how to feel after it. It didn’t seem like it was too bad, but there did seem to be a lot of things pointed out. Then you get the report and you find a bunch of things in red and you find out you’ve got a lot of radon in your potential house. You’re also not entirely sure how much the seller is willing to do so you get worried about what to do with this house you really like and have started imaging living life in. This makes for a somewhat stressful week, but at the end of it we learned that we’ll be worked with to some degree and it’s enough to take the stress off a little anyhow.

By the end of the week we were working on getting our loan application all signed and turned in as well as some remaining paperwork. We also had to sign some paperwork with our real estate agent, but I think we’re in somewhat of a waiting period at the moment. So we’ve also been packing a few boxes here and there in the hope that we will be getting this house eventually.

That’s just what went on regarding buying a house. Comparably there wasn’t that much else that went on. Anastasia started walking this week so that’s pretty big, she’s still learning, but it won’t take long before she is trucking everywhere on two feet. She also had a doctor’s appointment this week and besides getting a flu shot it went pretty smoothly.

In terms of the blog I posted part three on my series on balance focusing on accepting tension. My last part will probably come this week since once a week is about all I get out at the moment. And we have my weekly wrap up of interesting reads from other blogs. Hope you enjoy.

No Grumbling Allowed by Christopher D Drew

I thought this was an interesting exploration of the idea of grumbling as opposed to complaining. He takes the point that complaining really isn’t as bad as most people make it, because it is at least actively saying that we don’t like something as opposed to grumbling which is always done to other people and rarely constructive. I don’t think that it makes complaining always good, but I think his point is clear and true.

Homosexuality, Evangelism, and The Danger of a Single Story by Rachel Held Evans

Really you could put any two subjects in this title and it would apply equally as well. Basically this post is about stereotyping and assuming that if a story is true of one person who identifies under a particular label than that story is representative of that entire label. The fallacy of such thinking should be easy to pick out, but sadly it is often how we interact with each other. Not as unique individuals but categories that look a certain predetermined way.

And Now, A Story by Caris Adel

This little story kind of hurt and resonated all at the same time.

Satire or History? by RJS at Jesus Creed

Some interesting thoughts about the book of Jonah. I don’t find it too offensive to think that Jonah may be non-historical. I also don’t find it too offensive that it could be both historical and ironic, because well I think that’s just how God works sometimes, if not most times. Honestly, though the form of parable may work as a better label than satire, because somehow that doesn’t seem quite accurate, but it was an interesting read.

We Need More Delight by Steve Wiens

Oh we certainly have grumpy mornings around here with our kids. Unfortunately the kids aren’t quite into building things with legos or anything. Ryan may be getting old enough to do things like that, but Anastasia is not at all. An enjoyable read though and a good reminder that sometimes stopping and just having some fun and enjoyment with our kids even when grumpy can change the course of the day, at least as long as they don’t throw a fit when you’re done like our kids are prone to. Oh well.

When You’re the Back Fat in the Body of Christ by Preston Yancey

Sometimes this is totally how I feel. Like you aren’t much use and you’re just some like superfluous part of the body of Christ that there isn’t really much use for. It is an honest take on being a less spectacular part of the body of Christ and how sometimes it is so easy to wish you were a more “important” part.

Illogical Law by Tim Fall

A very interesting post on the law both spiritual and civil from the point of view of a judge. How the law no longer holds sway over those who are under the grace of Jesus Christ and that we can’t really truly be saved by our effort to follow that law.

How I Read the Bible Differently than John MacArthur by Morgan Guyton

I don’t think I’ve spoke up about my disdain over the whole Strange Fire conference too much here, but let’s just say I didn’t really agree with MacArthur’s take on things. This post talks about how the author’s reading of Ephesians 2:19-22 is very different than MacArthur’s and goes on to explain some of the issues he had with MacArthur’s view and others who agree with that view. I include this one not simply because it disagrees with something I already disagree with, but because I think it is fairly well done and focuses on the issue and isn’t just some attack on MacArthur.

Jesus Never Told Anyone To Die to Self by Tim Fall

You may have noticed a lot of posts by Tim here, and I must say he’s become one of my favorite blogs since I’ve discovered him a few weeks ago? Maybe a month? It’s not just because he comes by to say thanks anytime I link a post to his blog, honestly sometimes I forget that some blogs do that. Anyhow, this blog really took me off guard. I’ve heard the whole “die to self” daily mantra before and maybe have even said it. However, Tim has given me something to think about here. It’s interesting how the verse he gives focuses on the life we get through Christ and we want to focus on death. Personally it makes me wonder how much our own death to self viewpoint hurts the idea of love our neighbors as yourself. Anyhow an interesting read where he also takes on a few other laws that may not be too applicable to believers today.

That’s all for this week. We’ll see what happens with the next one. I’m sure there will be interesting posts and stuff to share. As always feel free to leave any comments.


4 thoughts on “Wanderings of the Week 11/10/13

    • You are welcome. Of course it shouldn’t be that surprising you are very consistent in putting out material and had a bit of a theme this week. So it made it pretty easy to find more than one of your posts engaging for the week.

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