Wanderings of the Week 11/2/13

So we only have two more months left in 2013, doesn’t that just sound wonderful or something? Maybe it doesn’t, but it’s still where we are. So we’ll all start doing the whole holiday rush thing. However in line with our family’s tradition we’re going to take a normally stressful time for people and ramp it up. As in we’re in the process of buying our first home.

So this past week involved getting the seller’s agreement back, scheduling and meet with the bank about the mortgage, scheduling a home inspection, and all that fun stuff. In addition to that we took Ryan and Anastasia out Trick-or-Treating. It was really yucky day for such a thing, it was rainy and grey, but it was Ryan’s first time and he was so looking forward to it so we did it anyway. He had a blast, so it was totally worth it.

Those are probably the more exciting things that we’ve done in the past week. On the blog I wrote the second part of my series on balance, which wound up being a lot more difficult than I thought it would be. I struggled to get things quite the way I wanted to and I’m not even sure I succeeding in that. To top things off it hasn’t been viewed all too much. Oh well, such is the way things go. We’ll hope part three goes a little better.

Also if you want to check over on the favorite blogs page here, you’ll note I’ve added three new blogs to my favorites. The graduates are Rachel Held Evans, From One Degree to Another by Nate Pyle, and The Church of No People by Matt Appling. They’ll all part of today’s list so you can check them out there or go to the page of my favorites to find them if you want.

So anyhow, talking about the list of posts I found interesting here they are:

I Hate the Word Nigger by Tim Fall

I’ve got to give Tim major props for telling it like it is here. I probably wouldn’t have the courage to do a post like this, even though I agree with his point. Not a read for those who can’t stand any usage of the words in the title, but the use of the words in this post is to call out what exactly it is that he hates and it works powerfully.

Things Christians Should Stop Saying by Micah J Murray

Telling Christians what they shouldn’t say seems to be a pretty popular trend today. While I understand and support the evaluation of certain phrases that get thrown around carelessly, Micah instead says that maybe we need to stop those lists simply because each saying that can be overused has different effects on different people. It’s an ironic kind of post, but the point was pretty clear to me.

Embracing the Gospel Through Racial Reconciliation by Adriana Kassner Cunningham at Tim’s Blog – One Train Wreck After Another

This post wasn’t very long, but had a very powerful message about how we stereotype each other. What is so nice about this story is that it doesn’t just end with offense and no positive outcome, but instead ends with apologies, an intentional effort come to understanding and the finding of common ground.

Please Stop Calling Your Relatively Privileged Life “Crazy” and “Messy” by Rachel Marie Stone

This post made me think in one of those gnawing at the brain kind of ways. I’ll be honest the post didn’t leave me with happy thoughts and I wasn’t sure I really liked it. I’m still not sure I liked it. I’m just not sure if the reason is because I don’t agree or because it makes me feel a bit guilty. Probably a little bit of both. She did clarify her thoughts a bit later with a second post “What Do We Mean By ‘Messy’?” I must admit I liked that one better. However, both were some good thinking material, even if you do wind up disagreeing. It’s always good to think about the way we talk about things.

A Retraction, a Do Over, and Fumbling My Way Through Life (Originally “What It Really Means to Be A Real Man”) by Steve Wiens

This post started out as “What It Really Means to Be A Real Man” and I liked reading it, then it disappeared from his blog. I wondered what happened to it and this edited version appeared. It seems that he got some facts wrong in a story about a man he very much admired and didn’t want to put a bad light on the man so he redid the post and sent it out. Things like this are why I like his blog so much. Add to that the fact his blog post was about how what it means to be a real man. The way he puts it is much larger than the high testosterone brand of masculinity that is marketed in some parts of the church. It was a breath of fresh air.

Why We Can’t Invoke “Love” to Cover Our Tracks by Matt Appling

Sometimes Christians try to get away with saying a bunch of awful things or judging a whole group of people by saying that they are just being “loving” by telling the truth. This is the issue that Matt is taking to task here. He does a good job of it too. Should invoke some thinking about how we speak the truth and how to truly act loving to those around us.

13 Things I Learned About Church History From “The Story of Christianity, Vol. 2” by Justo L. Gonzalez

I like church history and history in general. So when I see someone saying they learned something from church history, I like it. When someone shares a post about learning 13 things, well I like it x13, well not really but I will share it in a post like this at the end of the week.

‘Sola Scriptura’ Radicalized and Abandoned by Matthew Barrett at the Gospel Coalition Blog

I’ve seen a lot of push back on the idea of ‘Sola Scriptura’ lately. I enjoyed this post because I think it did a fairly good job of painting the historical development of ‘Sola Scriptura.’ It is not the idea that traditions and everything have no value it is just that they must be evaluated by the Bible. There were many excesses and shady practices going on in the church when Luther posted his theses, he challenged them using the Bible. So the battle was over who was to be the primary guide of faith the Pope and the Catholic Church or the Bible. Now that doesn’t eliminate the big problem of our own interpretation of the Bible having potential for error, but at the same time I think that trying to study the Scriptures with the voices of traditions both ancient and modern can help us evaluate certain practices in the world and within our churches.

The Dark Night – An Antidote to Self-Improvement Christianity by Rev. Chuck DeGroat at From One Degree to Another

A powerful and challenging post about suffering and how it isn’t an optional part of our Christian walk. The idea that God desires to use our sufferings to transform us more like Him is a sobering one. This is a tough challenge bit I think it’s onto something.


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