Wanderings of the Week 10/13/13

Last week I was writing this when I was sick, but this week I am feeling much better. Unfortunately, this means that a good chunk of the week was involving me being sick or having sick kiddos. So, not a whole lot was accomplished around here during the first part of the week, well until Wednesday.

Our weekend has been moderately busy though. I had a doctor’s appointment on Friday, which was uneventful since it was just an annual checkup and I’m in fine health. We also wound up shopping for Halloween costumes for the kids. Ryan is of course Batman, and Anastasia doesn’t really care but she’s going to be Wonder Woman. Ryan however, loves his costume, had to try it on that day and has been asking how many days it is to Halloween ever since.

Saturday we visited my Grandmother and while the recovery is slower than I imagine everyone is wanting, every week she definitely looks better. Hopefully that will continue. They had some stuffed animal presents for Ryan and Anastasia, a dragon/dinosaur thing for Ryan and an elephant for Anastasia. Ryan like both, but Anastasia seemed to like the dragon better, go figure. We also actually made it to church this morning and that’s pretty much been our week.

In terms of blogging. I got out my standard one post. There will be a week I produce more than one, not including this post, I promise. Also as usual here are some of the blogs that I enjoyed, made me think, or just found somewhat interesting this week. As always the posts here during the end of the week are not necessarily posts I agree with. I may agree with all of it, most of it, part of it, or none of it at all, but it makes for interesting thinking. So with that perpetually in mind, here they are.

One more thing, I also think that starting this week we’re going to forgo blurbs. I always have a hard time picking a blurb I really like and so many aren’t really made for doing it, so I think I’m going to just give the link and let you read the whole thing yourself if interested. If you’d like the blurb to return let me know, but unless I get any requests for that it will probably stay gone.

5 Things Fundies Forget About Jesus by Jayson D. Bradley

Pintrest is Full of Crap by Kristen Howerton

Stop Using the Bible by Nate Pyle

Why We Need the Bible by Nate Pyle (This is his follow up to the above post after some push back. Both are very thought-provoking posts though.)

In Which Identity Can’t Be Found in the Accusations – or the Accolades by Sarah Bessey

The God of No Compromise and the Government Shutdown by Morgan Guyton

A Trial Court Judge On the Ins and Outs of Judging by Tim at Tim’s Blog – Just One Train Wreck After Another

Better When. by Jamie Wright

A Tale of Two Tables by Heather Goodman

These are my highlights of the week. I know I can’t get all the interesting and thought provoking posts that have been put out in a week so if you’ve got any you’ve found interesting and want to share feel free to leave a comment. Also any feedback on the de-blurbification is welcome too, support or criticism.


6 thoughts on “Wanderings of the Week 10/13/13

  1. As a relatively new blogger on the block here, I’m extremely thankful that you dropped in, AND shared my post. Super thank you 🙂

    • You are very welcome. I can’t say you’ll get a whole lot of traffic from a share from me, but I’m always happy to highlight posts that I find interesting. Thanks for stopping by.

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