Wanderings of the Week 9/29/13

The past and the future. I find that many weeks I can go without thinking of either of these topics too closely. Perhaps there are weeks when I think of one, but not the other. This past week though, I’ve been thinking about both. I’ve been thinking about the past for a couple reasons. The first is that we’ve been back in PA for over a year now. it’s funny finding reminders of your college’s homecoming, flyers for Disney on Ice and thinking that’s the kind of mail we first got when we moved here.

Secondly, Kristen and I celebrate our eight year wedding anniversary this Tuesday, well technically we celebrated Friday with a dinner date, but you know. In some ways it is hard to believe, but then when  you remember you have a three year old and that you’ve lived in four different apartments in two states then well it seems about right. I think it’s harder to think about the fact that we’ve been together for about eleven and half years all together. It kind of makes you feel old to think about that for some reason.

The future was also in the sights this week mainly because we took a step forward with buying our first house and got a pre-approval for a mortgage. That’s a big scary step and certainly makes one think about their future a little more than normal. Next step will be to contact a real estate agent and figure out what to do from here. While Kristen and I would really like to be in a new house by the end of the year realistically it is probably going to be the beginning of next year before that happens, mainly due to down payment and all that lovely stuff.

As for the blog I did manage to get one post out involving good, evil and an episode of Star Trek. I also start on another post, but just didn’t have the time to get it out before the week ended. However, I do have more than one link to share for the week so here we go.

Creative Juice: Everyone’s Biggest Temptation by Matt Appling

“What is the biggest temptation in your life?

Money?  Food?  Sex?  Laziness?

I don’t think those are our biggest problems.  I think they are symptoms of a bigger temptation.  This universal temptation takes many forms in each of us, but ultimately, they are all the same.”

Winning the War, Part V – It Is To Your Advantage That I Go Away by Mule Chewing Briars at Internet Monk

“It was at this time that one passage of the Gospels stood out with particular force. It is to your advantage that I go away (John 16.7).  Jesus was saying here that it was to the particular advantage of the apostles, and to the rest of humanity as well, that He return to the Father.  That was a better state of affairs.  When I sat and thought about it for a while, the presence of Christ in the flesh, although it was a great comfort to the faithful and believing Jews, did not usher in a Utopia for them.  He didn’t chase out the Romans; He didn’t fill the Temple treasury; He didn’t even dethrone the reptilian Antipas family.”

How to Make a Generation of Creative People by Matt Appling

“There is an ocean of people who are not the best.  In fact, someone out there is the worst at whatever they do.  Those people need someone to invest in them.  They need someone who will work with them, even though they have nothing to give.  Every day I work with kids, some of whom are very good.  Their work makes me look good.  But many students are far from that.  And I can’t ignore them just because they are tougher to work with, or their results don’t make me look great as a teacher.”

Jesus Stopped by Steve Wiens

“What really matters is this: Everybody is desperate to know that Jesus still stops, and that Jesus stops for them, no matter what. Everybody is desperate and needy, especially the ones who look like they aren’t. Everybody is teetering on the edge. Everybody needs to know this story is for them.”

The Electric Christian Acid Test or, I Was a Teenaged Metalhead for Jesus by Paul Bowers at Patrol

“It is safe to say that most of them didn’t get into music to become role models. But I remember as a young man wanting so desperately for them to be worth looking up to. It was a funny set of expectations I had for my rock stars: I wanted them to echo my youthful disaffection, but I also wanted them to point me toward God and holy living. I wanted them to be the book of Ecclesiastes to me, dismissing the theatrics of high school as chasing after the wind while exhorting me to remember my Creator in the days of my youth.”

In Which I Have All the Feelings About Conferences by Sarah Bessey

“I don’t see a lot of marketing language in the New Testament. Not a lot of strategizing and branding, not a lot of business planning or factory farming, not a lot of Discipleship-O-Matic or Identi-Kit Churches. Instead, I see relationship, I see intimacy, I see organic growth, I see making disciples one by one by one by one. I see the little ways.”

It’s Complicated. (I Still Have Feelings for World Vision) by Jamie Wright

“I guess my point is that World Vision is doing a lot of different stuff in Guatemala and around the world, and some of the stuff they’re doing is ~ in my completely unimportant o.p.i.n.i.o.n. ~ amazing, and I will sing that stuff’s praises. But I will not pretend to love the stuff that I think is crap. I also won’t pretend that everyone should agree with me about what is and what is not crap ministry. Instead, each of us should feel responsible to make educated decisions about how and where we partner with any one of the gazillion non-profits on Earth. World Vision is no different. But I know (because they told me!) that they would love to answer your questions, if you’ve got em. “

There we are, now to end with a video that my wife coerced me to put in this post. It’s hilarious especially if your wife is working in urology, but others will probably find it amusing as well. Until next week.


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