Wanderings of the Week 8/18/13

Some weeks go by fast because you’ve been busy and doing lots of things or at least preparing for significant things, but then other weeks go by for no good reason at all. This week was one of the go by for no good reason at all weeks. We were just doing our normal routine around here and I realized that it was Wednesday and I hadn’t really even thought of doing a blog post. I managed to get one out, but it was just one of those weird weeks. It wasn’t bad, wasn’t busy, just went by before you knew it.

Our little family got our first official family pictures Friday and that was a good time. One of my classmates from high school is a professional photographer and so we made an appointment with her and a good time was had by all… well except for maybe Anastasia, she was trying really hard not to smile at all the whole day. Anyhow, I know we’re looking forward to seeing how they’ll look all of us except maybe our bank account, because I have a feeling it will be hard to pick what we want out of the bunch but we’ll see, we’ll see.

Today we’re heading to my family to celebrate my brother’s 21st birthday. So it will be a fairly busy day of church, then heading to spend the day with family. It’s always a long day, but it’s typically a lot of fun.

It seems to be official send your kids back to school time for a lot of the blogs. I typically enjoy these, but really can’t fully relate to them at least yet. So you won’t find too many of those type of posts here. What will you find this week? Well how about I tell you.

The Fantasy League of Christian Twitter by Ben Howard

“This got me to thinking, why not have a fantasy league for all the Christian leaders of the world. Who doesn’t want to draft Mark Driscoll and hope that he goes on a Twitter rampage thus guaranteeing them bragging rights over friends and family? I know I do.”

Preying in the Name of God by Sebastian Faust at On Pop Theology

“Did Jesus commend the widow? He did. He saw her act, he saw her heart, and he was touched; he was moved with sympathy. But that’s not how the story ends. His sympathy didn’t move him to laud her as an example; it moved him to curse the system that preyed on her. Because it’s a scene in a bigger story, a story that starts with a fig tree.”

Why is it So Hard To Say Things? Thoughts on Newspeak, AIDSpeak, and ObesitySpeak by Rachel Marie Stone

“It’s not that I think it is all that easy for modern North American folks to start (or to go back to) cooking from scratch if they largely subsist on prepared foods, but even ‘healthy’ varieties of prepared foods tend to have a lot of excess fat and sodium, and mostly eating simple food that cooked mostly from scratch by SOMEONE (not necessarily you) is probably one of the best for your health, with the caveat that the occasional meal at In-N-Out Burger (Full Disclosure: how I love thee!) isn’t going to kill you. But all that is too nuanced of a message for any politician (or politician’s wife) to give, and so we are left with Orwellian vagueness, encouraged to ‘choose’ foods that are low in sodium or saturated fat but never told what those foods are, or, for that matter, to avoid any particular food whatsoever.”

Seeing a Woman: A Conversation Between a Father and Son by Nate Pyle

“There are two views regarding a woman’s dress code that you will be pressured to buy into.  One view will say that women need to dress to get the attention of men.  The other view will say women need to dress to protect men from themselves.  Son, you are better than both of these.”

You Don’t Hate Me. You Hate My Brand by Rachel Held Evans (this post was not the inspiration to my own post Brand Wars from this week which holds a similar message, the timing was really weird but it was more my response to the hubbub over her viral CNN Blog post.)

“Over time, as your life gets distilled into these little pixels, it’s easy for the people who see them—be they friends, acquaintances, or perfect strangers—to assume they represent you in your totality. Even more frightening, as you gather feedback and gain friends/followers/subscribers, you can start to believe it too.”

I Can’t Get No… by Chaplin Mike

“He is not saying dissatisfaction is a good place to be because of how it helps you in the long run, or because of the lessons you learn from it, or because God will use it to bring you to a better place. No, he is saying it’s good to be there and to stay there, being unable to figure it out or change it.”

On Authority, Tradition, and Millennial Evangelicals by Matthew Lee Anderson

“There is within the progressive temperament that is now en vogue among many ‘millennial Christians’ the temptation to make skepticism the fundamental posture toward religious authorities.  Never mind that authorities in other disciplines, like science, are somehow immune.  The disposition does not look at our received tradition as an inheritance to be enjoyed and lived on so much as a burden that has to be subverted and deconstructed.  Progressive Christians are not interested in measuring our  judgment against the tradition; rather, the progressive temperament judges the tradition against a conception of ‘reason’ or ‘experience’ that is currently popular (‘we now know….’).”

That’s what I’ve got for this week. As always remember that I don’t play my cards on how I view these articles so read responsibly and if you have anything to say in the comments about these posts or any others from the past week or so, go ahead down below. Later.


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