Wanderings of the Week 8/11/13

It seems like I just put one of these together, but I guess that’s because I basically did since I was so late with last week’s review. This week has been pretty low key, but everyone was sick at the same time so that wasn’t fun. We’re mostly past that now and hopefully everyone will feel better this week. Ryan and Anastasia did have doctor’s appointments on Friday so we did do that, but that’s really about the only abnormal of the week.

Our upcoming week will be pretty exciting as we’re getting family pictures for the first time since we added Anastasia, here’s hoping that will go well. Other than that we’ve got another birthday party, this time for my brother next weekend so that should be fun as it means a trip to “Grandma & Papa’s” as Ryan says.

Since I was sick and didn’t feel too much like moving and doing too much, I was actually able to get a decent amount of stuff done on the blog. I was able to get a couple posts out and create a page for my favorite blogs. Speaking of which two blogs graduated from the wanderings and are now able to be found here. The two blogs that graduated to full time recommendations were The Actual Pastor and Storyline. This means that we’ll see less of them during these weekly wanderings, but they’re ones that I included here enough to warrant a full time recommendation.

Speaking of posts that I recommend for the week here they are:

When We Are More Interested in Evangelical In-Fighting Than Serious Issues of Justice by Rachel Marie Stone

“But it does annoy me that when I write posts about ‘biblical’ gender roles or bikinis or modesty or whatever the issue of outrage du jour happens to be, the sparks of interest fly.”

Hope For Those Who Feel Left Out of Church by Ed Cyzewski

“There are churches and ministries who do things that won’t make sense to you and they will not listen to anyone who questions them, especially young people. They have made up their minds. I’ve learned it’s best to wish them well and to avoid conflict with them.

If you do speak up, they inevitably blame any resulting conflict and fall out on you.

There are other churches and ministries who will worship God and serve in ways that will make sense to you.

And still there are other churches, perhaps the majority, who will do some things you love and some things you don’t.”

A (Not So) Serious Man by Ben Howard

“Don’t get me wrong, I care deeply about justice and spend a lot of time thinking about matters of oppression. These thoughts continually cycle within my mind and have slowly, but surely become embodied in my day-to-day practice. Yet despite this intellectual endeavor, I cannot, for the life of me, stay serious.”

Shedding a Faith by Caris Adel

“My faith can’t flourish anymore on trends like the 5 Catalysts of Faith.  I need the timelessness of sacraments, whether they be 2 or 7.  I am craving the history of tradition.  I want the creeds and the prayers.  I want to be rooted to something older than Billy Graham.”

Another Look: Some Thoughts on “Community” by Chaplain Mike

“Community is not created or manufactured but planted, cultivated, and grown. We choose to give time to simply live with others, interacting with them in the daily activities and experiences of life.”

A Fake Film Crew, Armpit Paste, and Spilled Beer: A Day in the Life by Jen Hatmaker

“Just once, I’d like to have a normal day. Why does everything have to get jacked in this family so often? Do the rest of you just plan your days and all the elements behave accordingly? Because that is the opposite of my life.”

For the One Who Married Young by Addie Zierman

When you marry young, you’ll change and he’ll change, and in the midst of all of this growth you’ll realize that you can’t change each other. There will be moments and days and seasons that are really hard. And you’ll be tempted to think it’s because you got married young, but really, it’s just because you got married.

There we go for this week. It seems there weren’t as many as usual, but that simply could be that due to being sick my I didn’t tend to get impacted by as many articles this week or that no controversy came by and blew up the internet or anything. Who knows, but we’ll see what next week looks like.




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