Wanderings of the Week 7/28/13

This week was one of those weeks that was unexpectedly busy. The beginning of the week was normal enough, except that we learned that my uncle, who lives out of state, was home to visit. Since we hadn’t seen him in 2 1/2 years we made sure that we took time to visit with him. He had never seen Anastasia and he had only seen Ryan once, when he was like 4 months old, so they were basically all seeing each other for the first time. So we wound up doing more on Friday and Saturday than we had originally planned.

Ryan also turns three soon, and next weekend will be a weekend of two birthday parties for him. We do separate parties with each side of the family because it is just easier to do that. So this means that my wife is baking two cakes and planning on doing sugar cookies as well (since Ryan doesn’t eat cake unless he changes his mind). So this has made the past week and the upcoming week kind of stressful. Add on to that the fact that we’ll be helping with our church’s Vacation Bible School this week and well it’s going to be a crazy busy week. So we’re hoping we’re going to make it through the next week with at least a little bit of sanity left over.

I also want to mention that I’m thinking about changing the way I do this weekend link-up summary posts. I’ve found that some blogs consistently produce posts that I enjoy. So what I’m thinking about doing is graduating certain blogs and having a space for blogs that I recommend on a separate page. This means that I won’t be posting multiple posts from the same blog on a regular basis. I may still post one from these blogs here if they really grab me or cause me to contemplate something, but only if that is the case. So if you read these posts regularly, let me know if you think that’s a good idea or not. I’d like to hear thoughts on that.

Anyway on to the links for the week.

Storyline Blog (This is one of the inspirations for my idea on changing how I do these posts. There are four ones that I really like from the past week. The Supreme Court and Jesus: What Christians Can Learn About Submitting to a Document; Why Perfectionism is Dead to Me; Why I Don’t Believe We Know the Truth Yet; What if Being “Content” is Ruining Your Life? I’m just going to give you a link for the blog and you can check them out yourself.)

The Actual Pastor (This is the other inspiration for the change idea. All three of his posts from this week were good. When You Do This, You Will Leak Part 1 and Part 2; Getting Punched in the Balls. Like with the above I’m just going to link the blog and let you find them yourself.)

The Ordinary is not Comfortable: Richard Sterns’ “Radical” Misreading by Matthew Lee Anderson

“My main point was not so much about the particular actions per se, but the context where those actions arise, namely within the structure of an ordinary, mundane life where we attend to the opportunities already before us and entrust ourselves to the providence of God to bring more such opportunities in our paths as He deems fit.”

Learning to Live, Rather than Compare Your Calling: A Lesson From Tim Harris by Matt Appling

“Look, we all have limitations placed on us.  They come in the form of limits on our time, our money, our energy, our physical and mental talents.  And we have a choice to make – are we going to be defeated by our limitations, or are we going to work within those limitations and still do something great.  Sadly, I think the mentality that people embrace far too often is the former, rather than the latter.”

30 Things I Learned in the First Thirty Years by Addie Zierman

“I’m going to spare you the melodramatic chronicling of the last ten years of my life. Instead, I’ll leave you with 30 simple bits of wisdom that I’ve found thus far. May they be as life-changing for you as they were for me:”

A Work in Progress by Ryan Hawk (at On Pop Theology)

“Failure on this journey is not found in the stumbles and falls, no matter how many times they occur. Failure is assuming that one has arrived, to make camp long before the end – when we grow comfortable by trading certainty for certainty; replacing the inherited assumptions from our youth with the new-found assumptions of our adulthood – when we feel justified sitting back, and mocking those who ‘haven’t arrived.'”

Why I Can’t Stay Angry (Even Though I Want To) by Rachel Held Evans

“As Christians work to find our prophetic voices in this culture, as we engage the world and one another in areas of disagreement, we must take these words to heart. Like it or not, we are called to a higher standard; we are called to forgive, to be peacemakers, to extend grace to those who don’t deserve it. “

When You Think Your Love Story Is Boring by Lisa-Jo Baker

“There is a rumor, an urban myth, a fiction, a fantasy, a black and white screen cliché that love looks like the mad, romantic dash through airports for a last chance at a flailing kiss.”

Real Talk, and the SE Asian Sex Trade and The Big Ask: How Can I Help Fight Human Trafficking and Slavery? by Jamie Wright (not going to put excerpts here, but they’re both eye opening and somewhat sickening articles for a good cause).

Car Seats and Vaccinations by Christopher D Drew

“I think we are only having a debate about the safety of vaccines because we have not experienced just how deadly the diseases we are vaccinating against are. We have never seen just how bad the measles can be. We have not had to suffer alongside a victim of polio. We have not witnessed the pain of watching helplessly as our infants die from whooping cough.”

That’s all for this week. Any opinions or favorites as always are welcome. And seriously any feedback about my proposed idea is very very very welcome. Until next time.


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