Wanderings of the Week 6/23/13

Well this week has been a bit of a busy one. It officially became summer and it has been hot a good portion of the week to celebrate the transition. This led to us finally digging out the water guns we bought last year on clearance. Unfortunately, one of the two we bought didn’t work, but one did so Ryan enjoyed getting to shoot with the water gun and honestly didn’t get me completely soaked in the process. We also got our second week of CSA vegetables, and even though we got a small share we’re still kind of swimming in veggies. Not a bad problem to have, but it is always a rush to try to eat them before they go bad.

Then on Friday we took Ryan to get some blood work done. He needed it for his next doctor’s appointment and we’d been putting it off. He was a trooper through it, didn’t cry or anything while they pricked his finger and squeezed blood into the vial. However, he was bothered by the band-aid. You’d have thought it rendered his finger and that whole hand inoperable. Despite not liking it, the worst part of the whole thing was taking the band-aid off at the end of the day.

Anyway, our son loves trains and there happens to be a railroad museum not all that far from where we live, so to make the trip a little more fun we told him we were going to see some trains. He was pretty excited about the whole deal. He got to see trains up close and even got to “control” a train. It was pretty tough to get him away from the trains, but we managed with only some tears.

Ryan and Anastasia Controlling the Train

Ryan and Anastasia “Controlling” the Train

Then Saturday, we went shopping for some clothes for the kids. This maybe doesn’t sound like much fun, but with a little boy trying to strike up conversations with just about anyone who would listen, dance in the middle of stores playing loud music, and trying to play hide and seek with us, no matter if we were playing or not. It made for a pretty funny trip. Wrap it up with church this morning and it was a pretty busy weekend.

So that has pretty much been our week here. So let’s see what interested me online this past week. Again just as a reminder, the posts I link to are not necessarily ones I fully agree with. Some I do, some I don’t agree with much at all. The ones that I don’t agree with made me think a bit more than others this week. So anyways this is what interested me this week.

Growing Moral Intelligence in Athletes by Tim Elmore

“Moral intelligence is simply a scientific term for character and ethics. It’s the courage to make decisions based on what’s right, not what’s beneficial or convenient. Those who have it are determined to live their lives by values, regardless of what others do who have no moral compass. The good news is, psychologists tell us it is possible to build moral intelligence in people. Just like humans can learn a language by being exposed to it and then speaking it, character can be learned the same way.”

Sex and the Path of Holiness by Rachel Held Evans

“Perhaps instead of virginity…or even purity (which carries something of an either/or connotation, I think)…we ought to talk about the path of holiness.  Holiness, to me, means committing every area of my life— from sex, to food, to time, to work—to the lordship of Jesus. It means asking how I might love God and love my neighbors in those areas so that the Spirit can grow love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control in the sacred soil of everyday life.”

Not Doing it All by  *that* mom (Jamie)

“Not only can I not keep up the those seemingly do-it-all moms who are keeping busy rushing their kids to all sorts of enriching activities, I can’t slow down enough to stick with the slow-it-down-enough-to-bring-about-world-peace families who are running barefoot through their gardens (which look far better than our poor neglected space this year) raising free-spirited creative kids. I can’t do it all, and anyone else that you believe may be doing it all is just not. It’s not possible.”

The F Word by Jon Acuff

“Do you know what is the most repeated command in the entire Bible? Over and over again, this command appears more than any other.

Can you guess what it is?

Do not be afraid.”

Perspectives on Our Children’s Education for Public School, Private School, and Homeschooling on the Gospel Coalition

Since this is multi-part series there is no quote from these, but I thought they were good thoughtful presentations of the various sides at least from three families involved in each situation.

When Churches Would Rather Be “Biblical” Than “Gospel” by Matt Appling

“On the surface, I can see how an average evangelical might think this is justified.  Homosexuality is supposedly not “Biblical,” after all.  Being “Biblical” and thinking “Biblically” and having a “Biblical” worldview is always the great monolithic justification for churches acting this way.

But what it looks like to me?  It looks like thousands of churches are finally going to announce – once and for all – that their priority is being Biblical churches, not Gospel churches.”

Is it Ever Okay to Lie? by Jesse Johnson

“Is it ever not a sin to lie? Or—to let the double negative cancel itself out and get right to the chase—does God ever put you in a position where sinning is the right thing to do?”

From Freaked Out to Familiar by Ryan Haack (on The Actual Pastor)

“I want the kids to be able to ask me questions. I want them to see that I’m not something to be freaked-out by, but that I’m a loving dad and a pretty funny guy. I want to tell them, lovingly, that laughing and screaming about someone’s difference is inappropriate. I will tell them that we’re all different in some way and that, instead of freaking-out about it, we should ask questions nicely and get to know people as friends. I want to help out the next person who might not be like me. And I want to give Claire a chance to say something and be heard.”

11 Things I Wish More Pastors Would Say by Rachel Held Evans

Did I Worry About the Wrong Things for Parenting? by Ed Cyzewski

“Everything I worried about centered on stuff that I feared I couldn’t do. I worried about my deficiencies and lack of experience.

These were the wrong things for me to worry about.

The far larger struggle for me over Ethan’s first year has been doing too much.”

A Letter to the North American Church: Because it is Time by Ann Voskamp

“Dear North American Church,

After a Sunday morning in Africa, you don’t look the same to me.

You look hungry.

Hungrier than anything I’ve seen in Africa.”

The First Time I Was Right and It Didn’t Matter by Ben Howard

So here are the links for this week. Have any good links you’ve seen this week? Any feedback on how I could do this any differently? Let me know.



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