Wanderings of the Week 5/19/13

So this is coming out a bit late in the weekend, but I guess that happens. It’s been a bit of a busy weekend and I haven’t taken the time to sit down and write this until Sunday night. Eye doctor appointments, friends visiting from out of town, nice weather, and usual activities like kids and church have just made the weekend go by way too fast. But anyhow, here we go with my findings from the past week.

American Churches and “Craft Time” Christianity by Matt Appling

“One of the ironies of my occupation as an art teacher is how much I cannot stand “craft time” at church, camp, or Vacation Bible School.  I’ve always avoided leading these activities as much as possible (though I’ve still found myself roped in from time to time.)  But it’s not just that I’d rather not lead craft time.  I think all the craft times your kids will enjoy this summer are actually a very appropriate metaphor for the broken Christianity they will be expected to embrace when they are adults.”

The Question that Leaders Need to Ask by Steve Wiens

“As a result, for many years now, I try to ask all of my direct reports this question, each time I meet with them:

What do you need from me that you’re not getting?”

Why We Don’t Believe God Loves Us by Ed Cyzewski

“When I’ve experienced the love of God, I’ve been led to some uncomfortable and unruly places where I’ve been doubled over by the presence of God as well as God’s peace and acceptance. I can’t exactly make a simple comparison between God’s love and something else I’ve experienced. It’s something bigger and more complicated than whatever I can piece together.”

Am I Reformed? by James Emery White

“Further, it reveals how we want sound bite answers to significant issues.  There is little room for nuance, even when a simple “yes” or “no” can never suffice. There’s a reason why theology is the queen of the sciences, and why certain issues have puzzled Christians for millennia. But we still clamor for tweets instead of treatises, and blogs instead of books.”

Is God’s Presence Limited to Scripture? by Rachel Held Evans

“And all of these practices—from prayer to communion to fellowship to reading Scripture— give us glimpses of the day when that union will be realized, when we will all gather at the marriage supper of the Lamb.  But right now, even with Scripture, we see through a glass darkly. Right now, even with Scripture, we know only in part.

Only later will we see Jesus face to face and be known even as we are known.”

A Question When Faced With Conflict by Al Andrews

“Can you imagine it? What if you lost the very thing that allowed you to do your job, to make a living, or to offer your gift to the world?

A singer loses his voice.
A dancer loses her foot.
An artist loses her eyesight.
An audio engineer loses his hearing.

What would you do? How would your respond?”

A Letter to Abercrombie by Micah J. Murray

“Listen – I think maybe we’re all being a bit hard on you. Not that what you said wasn’t desipicable – it was. But if I’m honest with myself, I’ve thought the same things before. I think many of us have.”

Paralyzed by the Slash by Caris Adel

“I kind of feel that way about everything right now.  Afraid to write or say or share anything, because someone, somewhere is going to disagree, and people will band together to say ‘you’re not doing it right.’”

That’s all for this week, let us see what next week will bring.


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