Wanderings of the Week 5/12/13

Happy Mothers Day! This is my second week doing this, and well I think there are a few more articles or posts than there were last week. If that becomes a trend maybe I’ll have to figure out a limit or a way to be creative about which ones I put up from the week. Anyhow, here is what interested me this week, hope you enjoy.

New Research May Change Your View on Depravity of Man by Donald Miller

“In other words, being Totally Depraved (that is acting always in one’s own interest) can also mean we start to do the right thing because the right thing may, in fact, start becoming what’s best for us. We will lie, but we won’t become liars. Both motivations are selfish (and even the terms are spun to bolster the view we are good. Aren’t we liars the first time we lie?)”

Why Do We Hate the Suburbs? by Keith Miller

“I am prepared to say the unthinkable: suburbs are good. Stay with me now. While suburbs have suffered decades of derogatory propaganda, there is still much to be commended. In fact, I wonder if the only reason we think suburbs are bad is because we were told they were bad and we believed it.”

Follow Up: On Why We Should Love and Hate the Suburbs by Matthew Lee Anderson

“Which is to say, Peter mused that the question here goes “much deeper than the discreet issue of whether the suburbs should be praised or damned.”  Indeed.  And while we’re examining his questions, we should also wonder why we have to choose between these two.  The suburbs ought to be praised and damned, because they’re praiseworthy and damnable. And so ought the cities, for that matter.”

The 9 Words You Missed by Jon Acuff

“That concept is part of why our God is so different than everything we expect. We can turn back. There’s a return. There’s a comeback. There’s a loss and a brokenness and a state of falling, but you can turn back. That door is open. When I read the phrase “And when you have turned back,” I read a loud, wild picture of what grace really looks like.”

A Miraculous Creation by Scot McKnight

“If miracles are arbitrary acts of imaginative supernatural showmanship the incredulity of Martin is understandable. But they are not…These were not arbitrary acts, magic tricks, or acts of convenience to make life easier. These were miracles with a purpose – where the impact could not be missed.”

Iron Man and Christian Identity by Ben Howard

“When the role of Christian, or Muslim, or whatever religious ideology becomes the primary motivating factor that drives us, when it becomes our most important identity, when it is something we must obsess over and protect, when the label controls us, it becomes a destructive force instead of one useful for good. It allows us to always view the other as other and it allows us to always view ourselves through the lens of a constructed role and in so doing bars us from true self-examination.”

The Secret to Raising Emotionally Healthy Kids by Tim Elmore

“As I speak to psychologists and career counselors, I’ve begun to hear a term over and over, as they describe the emotional state of young people. This term appears to be a paradox, but it aptly defines perhaps millions of adolescents in America:

‘High Arrogance, Low Self-esteem'”

No Quotes:

Charles Templeton: Missing Jesus by Justin Taylor

Nicholas Sparks Doesn’t Want You to Quit Your Day Job by Jon Acuff


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