The Wanderings of the Week 5/5/13

I’ve seen it done on other blogs where the blogger will give a run down of some of their favorite articles they’ve read the past week. I liked that idea, and found that often these posts gave me new blogs to follow or good articles to ponder over, so I’m giving it a shot. This is a first so I’m sure there will be adjustments and such as we go.

Before I begin a couple of notices. I shouldn’t have to say this, but I will anyhow. Just because I post a blog or an article here doesn’t mean I’m in full agreement with it. I believe that we can learn from people even if we don’t always agree with them 100%. So don’t take an article from a certain blog or article to mean that I endorse the full package of that blog or even the article that I post. These are posts that made me think because they came at things from a different view, presented an interesting picture or story, and/or had things that I did agree with.

Related to that, I won’t post my opinions here on these articles. Read them, think about them, make up your own minds about them. If I do ever decide to engage another person’s blog post or article it will be a separate post and given more time and space. So if we’re all cool with that, then read on.

And Then the Conference Uninvited Me to Speak… by Jen Hatmaker

“With nearly 8 million people leaving the American church a year, we need some renegades closer to the margins, building bridges, creating safe spaces to question, wrestle, rethink.

Plenty of churches exist to serve the 20 percent already connected. For them, I am grateful. Enough shepherds are on the ground for those sheep. They have a deep well of leadership, and my absence will not even be felt. They are brothers and sisters, and I’ll see them on the other side.”

A New Type of Competition by Kirsten Kline

“But, it got me to thinking…as the American church continues to change and more and more Christians are embracing the call to get involved in “social justice,” have we created a new form of competition?  One where we compare who sacrifices and suffers more for Jesus?”

Does God Need Your Platform by Jon Acuff

“The biggest lie in all of this is the idea that the size of your platform is somehow linked to the amount of glory God receives. That is insane.”

Of Food and Feeding by James Emery White

“Yet according to a new LifeWay Research survey, almost three out of every four churchgoers say that while they have significant relationships with people at church, less than half are intentionally helping other believers grow in their faith.

Digging further into the study, existing churchgoers don’t make an effort to press into new relationships (only 1 in 6 strongly agreed that they try), and almost one out of every three say they do nothing to help others grow.”

The Reason Behind a Day of Reason by James Emery White (for the second time this week)

 “The leaders of science and commerce, education and political machination, have ceased operating with any reference to a transcendent truth, much less a deity.
This is a new and profound break with the history of Western thought and culture. Even among that which might be termed “pagan,” true secularity in this sense has been unknown. Whether the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, or the gods of Greece and Rome, generations assumed a world beyond the one in which they lived, and lived accordingly. It would have been alien to anyone’s thinking to begin, and end, with themselves alone in terms of truth and morality.”

Why Progressive Christians Should Care About Abortion by Rachel Held Evans

“So just as I grew irritated with the pro-life movement for its inconsistency and simplistic solutions, I grew irritated with the pro-choice movement for its callousness and disinterest in discussing the very real ethical concerns surrounding the termination of a pregnancy.

Breaking Down the Absurd Anatomy of a Video Game Scare Piece by Chris Person

“You’re probably familiar with the formula. ‘He/she was a good kid/student/athlete/spouse. He/she loved sports/school. Then something changed. But now he/she is repentant and here to spread the word.’ That’s been the cautionary tale narrative since Go Ask Alice — only the subject material has really changed.

What’s so fascinating about that framework here is how many times the narrative is purposefully forced. Both Daniel and Quinn suffered from depression, but that fact is barely mentioned compared to the games themselves. There is little discussion as to the root cause of their depression. Practically no time is spent discussing the gun that Daniel’s father had in the home, Daniel’s school life or the fact that Quinn also suffered from other addictions (online poker and internet auctions). At all times, the goal is simple — maintain the narrative, and keep it simple.”

So that’s the list for this week. I’ll call it a good start and we’ll see how well I keep up on it and everything. We’ll just hope I’m able to get some of my own writing in between.


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