Not This Again…

In the last week or two Rob Bell was in the news again. Bell left Mars Hill Bible Church for parts unknown although it is rumored that he will be starting a TV series with the executive producer and writer from Lost. Of course, as with all things Bell, many Evangelical Christians are taking their pot shots. This rings a bit hollow for me considering that after Love Wins many were pretty much denouncing him as a pastor and labeling him firmly as heretic. I feel that too many Christians have put Bell in a no-win situation. He is damned by many Christians no matter what he does. Honestly, I just don’t understand it.

Whether it is Christianity Today likening Bell’s spirituality to Oprah’s, overall one believed to be devoid of depth just generic; Rick Warren’s negative diatribe/warning that basically says that Bell will have less impact and no accountability; to the faceless, nameless comments that spew negativity by being thankful for Bell’s leaving but praying for Southern California or questioning how Bell could believe himself a Christian in the first place.

We like to be judge, jury, and executioner. I don’t think this will ever change. I don’t think I really have the ability to know without a doubt who is a true Christian and who is not. I’m pretty sure that the Bible says that is something God does himself. Maybe we can say that we wish Bell well and pray that God may continue to work in him and increase the knowledge and living out of the truth. Honestly we all need that, it’s easy to pick on someone like Bell. How we react though is almost just as important, lest we be a heretic in practice if not in our theology.


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