Fun for the Weekend – Boy Meets World

I found something out earlier this year that made me pleasantly surprised. One of the shows that I grew up watching was finally being released on DVD. This show was Boy Meets World, one of the shows of ABC’s once hit TGIF lineup. I remember watching it regularly in late elementary to early high school.

The premise of the show is simple enough. It follows the life of a boy, Cory Matthews, starting with 6th grade all the way to graduating college. The show deals with various issues like family, friends, school, and dating in a lighthearted, humorous way while still having something serious to take away from the episode. Perhaps best yet is that they don’t typically deal with the “lesson” in a heavy handed  way that other shows like Full House became known for.

What is funny about watching them once again though is that growing up I would reflect on how things were handled on the part of the kid. Now, however, I find myself more reflecting on how the parents handled the situations that came up. Of course it’s not perfect and well some of the situations are a bit out there, but remember this is TV it is not real life. Overall though I’ve found that Boy Meets World has been very enjoyable to revisit. It has the humor and points hold up today to some degree, besides a vast difference in technology and other outdated pop culture references like NYPD Blue and Baywatch. I know I’m happy that the whole series is finally going to be available by the end of the year. Even if it is going into it with a heavy nostalgia factor, I’ve enjoyed it and even Kristen, who didn’t watch it at all previously, has enjoyed it. So if you’re one who grew up with the TGIF line up and want some nostalgia, here’s one show that is available to get on DVD.


One thought on “Fun for the Weekend – Boy Meets World

  1. i have all the seasons up through 6. season 7 comes out the same week as my birthday, so kelly has already told me i am not allowed to buy it myself…

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