Fun for the Weekend – Team Fortress 2

I figured for this week’s Fun for the Weekend, I’d go from the past to the present. Actually I almost thought of changing last weeks post from Transformers: The Movie to Team Fortress 2 because at the end of last weekend Team Fortress 2 was announced as free to play. Team Fortress 2 is a team based first person shooter with an interesting artistic style. If you can tell from the picture the art style makes it look more cartoon based, but don’t let that fool you, as it contains blood and gore as well.

For those who are not aware of what the game is, it is as said a team based first person shooter. You can choose from one of nine different classes (which are selected at the beginning of every round and can be switched at any time). You have a solider who uses a rocket launcher primarily; a scout who is faster than the other characters but is also a lot weaker; a pyro who uses a flamethrower; a medic who can heal other players; a heavy who is slow, but deals major punishment with a chain-gun; a demoman who uses a grenade launcher; a spy who can disguise as members of the other team; an engineer who can build turrets and teleporters; and finally a sniper that uses a sniper rifle for picking off people at long range. Depending on the map your team can be tasked with defending points, capturing points, pushing a cart to a designated location, or capturing enemy intelligence.

This game is an online only game so of course it means that not every person you play with will be helpful and some of the older players are unhappy about the influx of new players because it is now free. However, if you’re interested in first person shooters or simply interested in the concept of a free game then I’d recommend it for a try. If you’re wondering if there is a catch, there really isn’t one. The reason why it is going free to play is because it has an in-game store that you can buy items for. You don’t have to do this to enjoy the game, since beyond getting the game itself I haven’t really bought anything from it. The only other catch is that it requires the Steam platform to play, because the company that created the game is the company behind Steam. The game and Steam program are found on, and with a game like this it is also more fun to play with friends than strangers, so feel free to add me as a friend. My name on Steam is Dullshimmer.

So go have fun with this if you’d like, it might be fun for just this weekend or maybe you’ll enjoy it for longer. Either way it’s free to play and I would say it is worth looking into. So enjoy or don’t enjoy that ‘s up to you.


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