Fun for the Weekend – Transformers: the (Animated) Movie

I figured that my blog needed a bit more fun, and I was honestly getting a bit bored doing only seriously serious blogs lately. So my idea is to blog about a movie, tv show, video game, website, or whatever that I think of that I have enjoyed in the past or currently. It could be a long-term enjoyment or simply I saw it and it made me laugh for a couple of minutes.

What I’ve decided to start out with is an old favorite. When I was growing up Transformers: the Movie was one of my absolute favorite movies. We had it on a VHS tape (seems like that was so long ago) and I practically wore it out. Who knows how many times that I watched this growing up. A few years ago I found that it was on DVD and made sure that I picked up a copy and reclaimed a bit of my childhood.

There were so many memorable moments in the movie. Most significantly, perhaps, was the death of Optimus Prime which was a ballsy move. They killed off one of the most liked characters in the first half of a movie. Megatron (the leader of the villains) also gets damaged heavily, but gets upgraded into Galvatron. There were the humorous sides as well like the Dinobots bickering with one another and the junk planet that has robots who only speak super fast and like infomercials. Throw in an amazing soundtrack, which I enjoyed even before I knew what soundtracks really were, and the fact that the main antagonist was a freaking transforming planet known as Unicron and you’ve got yourself a winner.

Now while I can’t say that this is still my absolute favorite movie ever, perhaps more because no movie really holds that place anymore, it is still an enjoyable movie to go back to. It may be silly and isn’t for those who can’t suspend a little disbelief, I mean we’re talking transforming robots after all, but I know I still enjoy some good Transformer action. I may no longer be the little kid who pretended to be a Transformer as I was putting on my winter coat and gloves and all that, but I can’t deny that there is still some of that kid in there. This bit of fun may be significantly due to nostalgia, but you know I think I’m okay with that. I still like Transformers after all these years and obviously with the resurgence of the Transfomers in popular culture due to the Michael Bay movies, which I haven’t actually seen yet, I’m obviously not alone.


2 thoughts on “Fun for the Weekend – Transformers: the (Animated) Movie

  1. This movie made a HUGE impact on me as a kid because it was the first time I'd seen one of my heroes die on screen, and it was the first time I'd ever heard a cartoon character curse! And given that I've got a framed onesheet of the movie poster in my office, yeah, I'd say the experience still resonates with me today 🙂

  2. Yeah I think this was the first time I saw one of my heroes die on screen as well. I remember crying over that scene a number of times, it still is a bit hard to get through.Also framed poster for the movie is pretty awesome.

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