End of Winter

It has been a hard season.
Much has happened to us.
We have been battered
We have been broken

On our faces we have fallen
What once supported us has failed
The higher power that is over us was unable to stop this
Even those closest to us have passed by us with little help

Sometimes it has seemed that we have been invisible
Buried under the trouble that this season has brought
Only able to see the wreckage left behind after the season is past
The trouble of the past now revealed through the scars we bear

Perhaps you know one who has suffered as we
It could be that you’ve passed by one of us with little thought
Only seeking to get out of us what was expected
Yes this past winter has been tough to be a mailbox.

(Note: This is an odd little post compared to some of the other things here, but I thought about this after driving and seeing all of the mailboxes in poor shape after all the snow this past winter. This is my ode to them or something.)


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