A Month (or two) in Review

I’ve really been bad about updating recently. Mainly due to just being busy and preparing and recouping from the Christmas holiday. In order to get caught up I’ll just quickly comment on the last month or two and what’s been going on.

Early December Interview/Exam:
In the beginning of December, I took a second crack at accreditation/licensing with the Christian and Missionary Alliance, the only denomination I’ve been a part of since becoming a Christian. I am happy to report that this interview went better than the last one and I passed, but the big question is will it translate into a job this year? We’ll just have to find out.

I’ll be home for Christmas:
Jumping to Christmas, and skipping all the details of trying to buy gifts and wrap them between early December and Christmas. All things considered Christmas was good. We went “home” to PA and got to see our families which is always nice. Having a little guy though certainly makes it more difficult to leave for all parties, for us mainly because he makes a long trip in the car even harder, and we now have less room than we’re used to, for others because their ability to see Ryan is so limited. It’s hard to imagine only getting to see Ryan for a week or so and then not get to see him for another six months. I do wish we were closer to family, but we’ll just have to see if that’s what happens. We may be able to be closer but who knows how much closer we’ll wind up.

Coming Back to Snow, Snow, Ice, and More Snow
 While we were in PA, Massachusetts got hit with a big snow storm. Two weeks after we got back from PA, we got another, even larger (I think), snow storm. Then early this week it got a little warmer, rained and we had a lot of ice, and that’s never fun. Then today it decided to snow some more, since you know we’ve been lacking in that department. All that to say, snow and the attempt to remove it from where we don’t want it, and one count of attempting to remove one of our cars from the snow after it failed to make it up our ice rink driveway, has consumed a lot of time recently. I’m also really ready for winter to be done and want it to be spring.

Not talking about a group of Lions:
Last Sunday I also had the opportunity to give the sermon. As always this is both a great and daunting opportunity, as it will probably always be, and perhaps should be. I decided to give a message on something I had been thinking about prior to that, pride. Perhaps I should have known better than to, for it was a difficult message to prepare for in the sense that it is so easy to be prideful and when thinking about that it can’t help but make you realize how sinful and imperfect you really are. Granted everyone seemed to enjoy my sermon. I haven’t decided if that’s a good thing or not. It’s encouraging on one hand, but did they like the challenge of the message or that I’m getting better at delivery? Or both? Also on a humorous note, how does one not become proud whenever you are getting a lot of compliments?

Well I think that about catches everyone up on the highlights of the past one to two months. I’m sure there was more that went on, but this is the majority of the “major” events. Now hopefully I’ll be better at updating my blog again.


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